This was truly a wonderful experience today.  Wow!!   I am feeling so refreshed and positive.  Thankyou...Ron and Leeane Mudgee.

 I came to see Macy with my friend in February. I instantly stopped my 10-15 a day habit and my friend also instantly stopped her 40-45 a day habit. It has been 7 months now! Highly recommend. Annie .... Mudgee NSW 

This was truly a great experience for me today. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and would and will highly recommend this session.  Annah...


Great Relaxing session.  This was the best experience for me today....Can highly recommend, in fact, I already have.  Thanking you...Steven Dubbo NSW

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical...Found this to be a very relaxing and positive experience....Thankyou...Luke Mudgee 

 This was a great session, I feel totally relaxed and very positive. Mark Mudgee 

This was truly a great experience!  A feeling of peace, motivation, being positive and knowing it will help me in the future to make better choices.  Thanking you.  Renae Singleton NSW

Looking forward to the future now.To be a healthier, non smoking me.  Great experience.  Susan.  Singleton NSW

This was a wonderful, calming and relaxing experience for me. Thank you. Mark Forwood. Mudgee NSW

We both found this to be a great experience and can highly recommend this service for anyone wanting to make changes in their lives.   Sharon and Max Singleton  NSW

  • "A very different experience-totally relaxing." Nicole Tamworth.
  • "Unreal experience here today. I have never felt that relaxed before"
  • "Not what I was expecting. great experience"  Rhianna Tamworth
  • "A very positive experience and so relaxing" Helena Tamworth NSW

This Was an Amazing Experience Today. Cannot believe How Relaxed we felt.  Was a bit skeptical at first.  Great Experience and can Highly recommend this Service.  Thank You!  Rob and Tania Mudgee NSW

This was a incredible experience.  I feel so relaxed and positive.  Thankyou.  Highly recommend this service.  Tracy.  Tamworth NSW

Great session.  It was not what I thought it would be.  Can highly recommend.  If you want to break bad habits..give it a go.  Highly recommend.  Tamworth.

  I felt so good after this session.  I felt like I just wanted to run and run. I had not been hypnotized before and this was not what I was expecting.  It was Great.  Thank You.  Highly recommend. Shane Wylie Zeehan Tas.

This is a great system and a great experience.  Highly recommend.  Tamieka Smith TAS

I attended for weight Loss.  I can not believe how easy it was.  In 6 weeks I have lost 9 kilos and dropped 3 dress sizes.  I highly recommend Macy and this service. I no longer crave for sugar.  I have told all my friends.  Thank you.  Chantelle Dittman Burnie TAS

  I was a very heavy smoker.  I smoked 50 cigarettes a day.  I cant believe how healthy I feel.  I can breathe now and  dont get breathless.  I do  not smell that revolting smell of cigarettes any more.  Great experience.  Thank you Macy ... Roger Deloraine TAS

 Great session.  I just feel so motivated and positive now. David HIll .TAS

Thanks Macy for helping me today.  This was a great experience and I can highly recommend this service.  Wendy McMillan Launceston TAS

 Great session and Great service.  Thanks Macy. M Busscher Tas.

 I am  now a non smoker and it was easy!  Can highly recommend this service .  A Taylor Lton TAS

Thanks Macy this was truly a great experience. Julian Bamping TAS

Unbelievable experience. I was very relaxed and I know I am now a non smoker.  Thanks Macy.  Donna Bisset Burnie TAS

Great experience and a very positive outcome.  I can not believe how relaxed and calm I feel.  Can highly recommend this service.  Thankyou.  Margot  Tamworth

I will not smoke again.  Great session.  Thankyou.  Laura Dickinson Burnie TAS

I an now a non smoker and it was easy.  Highly recommend this service.  Thankyou.  Damien.  TAS

Great experience.  Felt very relaxed.  Sheilah  Launceston TAS

" My experience today was amazing! I found it to be a positive and uplifting experience session and I highly recommend Macy and this process" Lee-anne Brown Tamworth TAS

  I was a very heavy smoker and have not smoked a cigarette since I have been to Macy.  I highly recommend this Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes.  I have already told my friends.  Thanks Again. Ben Pearce Lton TAS

  • "Feeling extremely positive, a great experience."  Karen Mudgee
  • "Good session" Leanne Mudgee
  • "Very relaxing, very happy with this experience. " Karan Mudgee

I am now making changes in my life.  Thanks Macy.  I know that I will not smoke anymore after today.  Good experience. Kieran Rowe  Lton TAS.

Hypnosis does work.  A great experience.  Thank You.  Jeff Ellis Longford TAS.

 "Feeling extremely positive great experience! Karan Mudgee
Good session! Leeanne Mudgee
Very relaxing and am very happy with this experience! Karen Mudgee. 

What a wonderful experience.  Highly recommend for anyone who want to make changes to their life.  Burnie TAS

I felt very relaxed and at ease.  Great experience.  thanks Macy ..Susan Searle TAS 

I am now a non smoker and it was eay.  Great experience and can highly recommend Macy.  Bruce Keating TAS

I will never smoke again.  I feel great. I am now ready to start my life as a non smoker.  Glen Langley TAS

  • "A very different experience-totally relaxing." Nicole Tamworth.
  • "Unreal experience here today. I have never felt that relaxed before"
  • "Not what I was expecting. great experience"  Rhianna Tamworth
  • "A very positive experience and so relaxing" Helena Tamworth NSW

GREAT SESSION TODAY!  Thanks very much.  We are now non smokers!  Di and Mick Mudgee NSW

Great experience.  Brad  Mudgee NSW

What can I say.  Thanks Macy it was truly a great experience. Jo Cario TAS

"We found this to be a very positive and relaxing experience today."  Kirby, Terry and Leonie.  Tamworth

I came here to make changes .  I found this to be a very empowering session.  I am now going to make changes in my life. Break bad habits.  Highly recommend this service.  Jodie Deloraine TAS

  • "I am amazed and very confident about this session working today. Thank-you" Sheree Mudgee
  • "I felt so relaxed and I feel great " Leanne Mudgee
  • "I feel relaxed and refreshed."  Bec Mudgee

Thanks so Much Macy,  Wonderful session and Wonderful Experience.  June.  Devonport TAS

I was a very heavy smoker before I came to see Macy.  I smoked 55 cigarettes a day. Darren Sylvie Lton TAS  ( It has been 3 years now)

 I am now a non smoker.  Thank you Leon Burnie . TAS

 Thank you Mary I am very Happy.  I can highly recommend this service Jill  Silvey Lton TAS

Good experience.  Thanks Mary.  C Lucas TAS

Great session  I felt really relaxed.  Thankyou. from   Devonport TAS.

  I am so glad I came today.  Great experience.  Tim Reid Emerald. NSW

Great experience.  I felt so relaxed.Can and will highly recommend.  Charles Halliday L'ton TAS

Very positive experience.  Thank You Mary .  Suzy Deloraine TAS

It was a very good experience being hypnotized.  Thank you for helping me today.  Sue Clarke  TAS

I am never going to smoke cigarettes again.  Can highly recommend this service. Thanks Macy . Shaun TAS

Very good experience today. I am feeling very motivated.  Thanks  . Glenda Burnette . TAS

This session was a great and positive ex

Great and positive experience!  I am now a non smoker and know that I will never smoke again!!  Lauren Davis Tamworth NSW  July 2018

Great Relaxing Experience. I know its up to me know and I am feeling very positive. Neree Deloraine TAS

I did not think I could be hypnotized.  It was so easy  Sue  - Bruce Rock WA

It was a lot easier than I thought.  Thank you Macy.  from L'ton TAS

Thank you.  I loved the experience and will highly recommend.  From L'ton TAS

Very Happy, I know that I will not smoke again.  Thank you.  Kristy  Burnie TAS

Being Hypnotized today was a good experience.  I am now a non smoker.  Thank You  Pete Westbury TAS

I am so glad I came.  I will never smoke another cigarette again.  Thank you Mary...  Janine Burnie TAS

Really good experience.  Thanks Zane Zeehan  TAS

After today I am making good decisions regarding my health.  Thanks for helping me .  Angela Whitehead TAS

 This was a first time experience for me. I found it very satisfying and Macy took me to a place I had never been before.When my eyes opened I was extremely refreshed and positive. It was a great feeling and experience" Stacey Tamworth." 

I was very nervous about this process as I had not been hypnotized before.  Unbelievable Experience for me.  I can Highly recommend this process.  I will never smoke again.  Simon Morton  Mudgee NSW

Thank You So Much. A great Experience.  Jo Mudgee NSW

Thanks Macy Good Experience. Terry Whitfield.. Mudgee

Very Happy.  Thank you.  Can recommed this service. Peter Dubbo

I am now a Non - Smoker.  Thanks Macy.  Can Highly recommend this service.  Lyn Whitfield Mudgee

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I was not sure at first but after attending this session I feel really good and positive.  Thankyou Very Much.  I would definitely recommend this service.  Jo  Mudgee NSW

Very good experience.  Thank youClay Newton Mudge

 " I am amazed how good I feel.  I will never smoke again" Shana Burnie TAS

Thank You so Much. relaxing and positive experience. Rachel..Dubbo NSW

 " I found this to be a very relaxing session and was skeptical at first but found it actually does work" ......Brittany Tamworth
"Relaxing, my body felt so heavy , I felt great" ...... Sarah Tamworth.
"I felt so relaxed almost as if I was asleep and yet I was aware of what was happening. Great Experience" .....Kiara Tamworth"
"Super relaxed experience. It was great!"...Chloe Tamworth 

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 We really enjoyed this session..found it to be very positive and relaxing. Thank you....Chris and Mandy...Tamworth 

 We had an amazing experience today.
" Can't believe how positive I feel". Coral...Dubbo NSW.
Wow!! this was the best experience and I will never smoke again! ... Andrew Dubbo NSW 

 I felt this session was amazing and I just feel I just want to run..Feel more motivated am looking forward to the future Leanne Mudgee

 Great session...I am now a non smoker!! ....Ruth...Mudgee