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Are You Still Hurting?

Certified Oldpain2go practitioner

       Are You Still Hurting?

If you have something that still hurts a long time after the initial traumatic situation then it needn’t carry on doing so. Our mind is a wonderful thing, so complex, but it works in predictable ways. This system is a simple way to find the mental process that hurts you and ask for it to be released. It has worked on hundreds of people, quickly, safely and effectively with lasting results, and it doesn’t matter if it is a physical pain, an emotional one or a combination of the two. 


OldPain2Go is a method of using your own internal system to eradicate or lower the old pain message that blights your life. Quite simply pain is a message that alerts us to damage in the body so that we can do whatever is needed to stop causing any more damage and allow the healing. The initial alarm message however sometimes carries on way past it being helpful. So let me share this analogy of a smoke alarm to explain:

Imagine you live in a house where the smoke alarm triggered 10 years ago for a fire that was put out that night. However, the alarm has continued to ring incredibly loudly 24 hours a day 7 days a week ever since.

You cannot throw the alarm away or take the batteries out because that would put you at the risk of serious injury or death and so would muffling the sound with a pillow. So you can’t live with this alarm, but you also cannot live without it!

Have you ever thought that whilst it keeps ringing loudly it will not alert you if a new fire has started in the vicinity? Or that eventually it will need to ring evermore louder so that you are still aware of it and alert?

So imagine now that someone invents a reset button. It is simply to operate all you do is press it once and it tells the alarm that the fire it warned us about is out and it can now look out for new fires. 


Sometimes The Pain Does Not Leave,Even Though We Have Taken Action.  This is Referred To As Chronic Pain. It Is Easier If YOU Think Of It As Old Pain That Is No Longer required Because It Does Not Have A Purpose.  New Pain Serves a Purpose. Old Pain Does Not.  Old Pain Impairs Our Survival System By Masking New Pain.

Traditional Treatments Often Give Temporary Relief Because They Work On The Symptoms Of Pain Such as Inflammation, Stiff Joints, And Aching Muscles But Do Not Address The Cause, The Pain Signal Which Needs Resetting. To Remove The Pain You Must Go To The Cause.